Certification classes are held monthly at our salon on Chippewa Square in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia, and are taught using Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring products.

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The class focuses on developing technique and skills so students leave comfortable with their new knowledge.  You will learn theory as it relates to hair removal, and be instructed on how to sugar all major areas of the body, including legs, bikini line, underarms, brows, lip, and chin.  If time allows, a Brazilian demonstration may be performed.  Upon completing the class, you will receive a certification signed by me and certified by Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring.

The certification class lasts a full day, covering theory and sugaring basics during the morning portion, and after a short lunch break, we dive into hands-on body sugaring training.

The cost of the scheduled certification classes are $599, and includes all of the supplies you will need that day.  The cost of an individual private certification is $749, and also includes all of the day’s training supplies.

In order to sign up, you are required to make a deposit of half of the class price, and you will also need to order a starter kit from Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring.  The company mails your kit to Southern Sugaring as confirmation that you will be attending the class, and I present it to you at the end of the class along with your certification.

This class is eligible for two (2) continuing education credit hours per the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology upon completion.

If you are currently a sugaring professional looking for additional training in specific areas, classes are available upon request.  I offer advanced brow design, advanced Brazilian training, and a basic sugaring review.

Email to schedule.