Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal, dating back to Cleopatra herself!  The ingredients in the paste are simple:  sugar, citric acid, and water.  Besides suffering a possible sugar rush, you could literally eat this product without any negative side effects!  And the paste we use is Certified Organic AND Fair Trade!

We apply and remove the paste by hand, so not only is the process extremely cool, but it has actually been compared to getting a massage!  Basically, it is the opposite of waxing in every way – no burns, no rawness, no ingrowns.  And on top of all these benefits, it lasts longer than waxing because the hair is never broken – every follicle is removed by the root.  It is the sweetest form of hair removal, perfect for Savannah and every Southern (or Northern or Western) belle.

We specialize in customized Brazilians and a variety of bikini styles, as well as brow shaping.  Our clients leave the studio looking and feeling like supermodels!