southern sugaring microblading aftercare savannah georgia
southern sugaring microblading aftercare savannah georgia



Gently blot the area with clean tissue to absorb any excess lymph fluid. (Lymph is a clear fluid-like substance that might slightly secrete from the brow area.) You may or may not have any during this time, but if you do, we want to avoid letting it dry and form a crust on the brow area. Blot every 5 minutes until all signs of lymph have stopped, then blot with distilled water wipes every 30 to 60 minutes for the following 4 hours.

DAY 1-10


  • The morning following your initial treatment, gently wash your brows to remove any bacteria and dead skin. Wash once in the morning and once in the evening only. Use a very gentle foaming cleanser. DO THIS OUTSIDE OF THE SHOWER ONLY.
  • With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the brows. Gently rub the area in a smooth motion following the hair growth for 10 seconds. 
  • Gently rinse with lukewarm water, and make sure all the soap is rinsed away.
  • Thoroughly pat dry with a tissue or paper towel.


  • Allow your brows to air dry for at least 5 minutes. Brows should be 100% dry prior to this step. Never put your after care ointment on wet or damp brows.
  • Apply a very small amount with a cotton swab and spread it across the treated area.
  • Do not over-apply as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. The ointment should not leave a noticeable shine or film on the brows. Apply only enough to moisturize.


  • Use a fresh pillowcase, and do not sleep on your face or eyebrows.
  • Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate away. Picking can cause scarring and will cause loss of color. Your flakes will fall off by themselves when they are ready to.
  • No facials, botox, chemical treatments, or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks after treatment.
  • Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for at least one week. You can lightly exercise, but nothing that will cause overexertion or extreme sweating whatsoever.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for 4 weeks after procedure. Wear a hat when outdoors. Once fully healed, protect your brows with SPF. Any prolonged sun exposure will cause premature fading.
  • Avoid taking long hot showers for the first 10 days. When in the shower, avoid water completely on the brow area. You will only be gently washing them in the morning and evening OUTSIDE of the shower, and without hot water.
  • Avoid swimming of any kind until your brows have completely healed.
  • Avoid applying any type of makeup to your brow area. Do not get any concealer, powder, or any makeup on the area for at least 2 weeks.
  • Keep your hands off of the area. No picking or scratching the treated area.
  • You will want to limit the time you spend in the shower. Avoid using very hot water and creating steam. This will create unwanted moisture on the face. You may even cover your forehead and brow area with a shower cap as you bathe.
  • Slight redness or discomfort may be present for the first 2 days. This will resolve itself. Do not apply any kind of creams, ointments, etc.
  • The day after your procedure, the color will appear darker as it begins healing. If you strictly follow your aftercare, you should have very minimal flaking beginning around the 5th day. Do not pick, scratch, or peel off any skin, as this will pull pigment out.
  • As your eyebrows heal, you will see the strokes widen, and the color will soften.
  • Once flaking is complete, there will still be a nearly invisible layer of skin that will make your color appear faded. Within the first two weeks after flaking, you will notice some of the color coming back through as the skin continues to repair itself.
  • Depending on skin type and proper aftercare, it is not unusual to see a few strokes fade or disappear from the skin. After your 45-day healing period, you can come back to get your touchup.
  • The touchup is to go over the strokes or shadow again, or replace any pigment that may have disappeared. This is why the treatment is a two step process.
  • Your touchup will ensure the longevity of your color, hair strokes, and/or shading. DO NOT GO MORE THAN 3 MONTHS BETWEEN YOUR INITIAL TREATMENT AND YOUR TOUCHUP.