wait, how long do I have to grow my hair out?
Your hair needs to be about the length of a grain of rice, of around 1/4".  For most body areas, that only takes around 10 days.
how long does it last?
Most areas fluctuate through the year between an every 3-5 week regimen. Plan to return for your follow-up appointment as soon as the hair is 1/4 inch long.  For most people, this is between 2-5 weeks after the initial appointment.  This will allow us to remove the hair during its growing stage.
omg, i started my period!
Totally fine, girl.  It literally happens like 10x a day, and we're trained to work around a tampon string.  Other than making you a tad more sensitive, you won't have to stress about rescheduling or anything else.
does it hurt?
Here's the thing:  we're removing hair by the root.  It stings in a pretty unique way.  But, it hurts way less than waxing because it doesn't remove the skin like waxing does.  And guess what?  Monthly appointments help to deplete the follicle (making it smaller and way less painful to remove).
will i be red?
Maybe a little, but most people barely turn pink and any irritation is usually gone within the hour.  We've actually got a lot of clients who come on their lunch breaks for face services because their skin is back to normal by the time they return to work.
how is sugaring different from waxing?
It hurts less.
It lasts longer.
It's made of only natural ingredients.
Hair is removed in the SAME direction of growth.
It's never too hot.
It doesn't remove live skin.
my friend said sugaring hurt her more than waxing though.
So here's the thing.  Sugaring is HARD to learn.  We can't speak for other sugaring and waxing salons, but at SOUTHERN Sugaring, our sugaristas are trained by industry expert, Jessica Mock, to provide an experience that is unsurpassed.  As with any industry, skill levels vary, and we would encourage both you and your friend to come try the difference at Southern Sugaring.
should I bring anything?
Bring a clean set of underwear with you for after your bikini or Brazilian service, and a clean white tee with you for after your back or chest service. 
what should I do after my appointment?
For 24 hours, no sex, tanning, exercising, or tight clothing.  After 48 hours, you'll need to exfoliate and moisturize using the products we've recommended for your individual skin type.  Plan to exfoliate the area 2 - 3 times per week.  This helps to prevent ingrown hairs, and we can ALWAYS tell our clients who do and who don't exfoliate.  We'll design a routine just for you with products we carry at our Savannah location.
so i left with some stubble...what's that about?
Shaving distorts the follicle, and waxing always breaks some hair.  This messes up growth cycles, so usually we have to work as a team in the beginning to get all of your hair growing at the same.  It can take between 2 and 4 appointments to do this, but our experts know how to determine what phase of growth your hair is in, making the process as seamless as possible.
what's the difference between a brazilian and a bikini?
A Brazilian sugar by definition removes everything from the labia and between the hiney cheeks, and leaves as much or as little hair in the front as you'd like.  (Read: totally nude, landing strip, Dorito, a heart, the full bush Brazilian...)
A bikini sugar removes what would show in a traditional bikini.  We take an extra inch or so off the sides and off the top to make sure nothing sneaks through.
is it safe to do while I'm pregnant?
Oh my goodness, yes!  It's the safest, least painful option too, especially when things start to hide underneath that precious belly.