wth even is dry brushing?

wth even is dry brushing?

And why you should add it to your regimen, like NOW!

When it comes to skincare, people unintentionally leave some areas of their bodies neglected. (Yes, I’m talking about down there!) If you’re a regular sugar client, we’ve already lectured you about maintenance below being a team effort. We sugar, extract some of the existing ingrowns, and push you to do better with your part.  Your part is to simply establish a routine of keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized. It’s not uncommon for new clients to feel a little clueless when asked if they exfoliate under the belt at all.

IMG_3298 copy
“Exfoliate WHERE?”

Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Cell turnover slows drastically as we age, making our skin less tolerant to methods like shaving and waxing.  Removing old layers of skin that the hair can grow under creates a clear path for new growth. Without exfoliating, you WILL end up with annoying ingrown hairs! Uhhh, no thanks!

Dry brushing is without a doubt my favorite way to exfoliate downstairs! (And pretty much everywhere else but let’s stay on topic!) My favorite part is that it isn’t an extra product to keep up with. You brush your hair and your teeth, and this is even easier than that.


At Southern Sugaring, we use a brush created just for that sensitive skin.  The sisal bristles are exceptionally effective, but not too rough. Before your shower, or in the morning, or anytime your skin is dry, you brush upward toward your heart to stimulate circulation and healing as well.  To clean the brush you simply tap it on the sink or counter top, and every now and then spritz it with alcohol and let it air dry.

Besides removing those unwanted dead skin cells, dry brushing helps to flush toxins out and bring fresh oxygen into cells. It can even help reduce cellulite! We swear by it, because we get to see the benefits of a regular dry brushing routine on all kinds of different skin.

Dry brushing is an essential part of our homecare starter kit.  Get ready to be in love, and stay tuned for our next blog on the more persistent ingrowns.

XO, Tiffani (with an i)

Why so ‘spensive, sugar?

Why so ‘spensive, sugar?

Once in a while, I get asked why our prices are a little higher, and I’d love to share our side of the concept of value.  In a world where there’s an Amazon, high prices kind of (understandably) blow our minds.

Something a lot of people don’t realize is how much training goes into sugaring.  As an esthetician or cosmetologist, getting your license means learning to wax.  That’s it for hair removal.  And for heaven’s sake, even if you do go with waxing, look for a license before you sit in that chair! INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU DEPILATE. (Lol, yeah I made that up!)

Seriously though, I hated sugaring when I first started.  It is hard!  And if you don’t make yourself keep working at it, you absolutely will not continue.  In comparison, waxing is easy.  That’s why it’s so widely available.  Sugaring requires additional education classes to even ORDER the products, and a commitment long past those classes to refine your technique, especially on tricky areas like Brazilians and brows (our specialties, btw).

IMG_2443-Edit-1You after walking out of that pink door.

The products we use are made in the United States by a company called Tamara’s Sugar.  Some sugaring salons make their own sugar paste, but we do not, primarily because of the liability of using products made in a home kitchen.  Our sugar comes from a factory committed to health and safety standards, and the integrity of the paste is always consistent.

Cleanliness is our top priority, and every standard is upheld when it comes to keeping you safe.  Blood, naked people, sharp tweezers, ingrown hairs…cross contamination is rampant in the industry.  We follow every protocol.  You never ever ever have to worry when you are at Southern Sugaring.

All that boring stuff aside, we really take a lot of pride in making sure that you never feel like you’re at the OBGYN.  Our rooms are gorgeous, comfortable, roomy, and bright.  Our receptionist is cheerful and wants to bring you champagne and help you try on bikinis.  Our sugaristas might be the best unofficial therapists ever.  And our downtown location transports you away from the mundane blehhh that can be life sometimes.  Everything is so set up for your convenience – it’s truly a luxury experience, and it’s about dang time hair removal got a makeover!  For real, try it!

Yeah, that’s Forrest Gump.  He sits in Chippewa Square…which we have a PERFECT view of.

Sugaring is all we do.  We believe really strongly in the benefits, and we’ve committed ourselves to being the best in Savannah at what we do.  As we grow, we’re able to offer our clients even better prices, and for that, we are so insanely grateful to YOU!

(Speaking of, have you checked out The Sugar Society?)

Cheers to y’all, and thank you for making us better!


XOXO, Jess

Isn’t it awkward? (Spoiler: I swear, it’s not!)

So by now I’m sure y’all have all seen the infamous picture a client of mine posted on her Snapchat story with her legs up in the air.  Just in case you haven’t, here it is again:


I mean, this girl has a super sense of humor, and oh my gosh, to give Brazilians for a living, I’d have to say all of our sugaristas do too!

It’s at this point during the service my new clients blush and ask if this ever gets weird for me, which always catches me off guard.  My answer is always the same:  The first time I did a Brazilian, I was like, oh #@*$, I’m actually going to have to do what I went to school to do.

Yeah, just a little bit of freaked out anxiousness.

But then, I survived, the client survived, and it turned out to not be the least bit awkward because I am a trained professional who gets the hair.

That’s kind of how we all see it.  (Not your private parts…the job!)  We see the hair, we get the hair.  Your downstairs doesn’t even register in our brains, much less our memories.  We don’t see you without your panties when we run into you at Pure Barre or the grocery store.


Photo by Izzy Hudgins Photography.

(Seriously, I’ve had clients ask me not to judge them at the grocery store!  Y’all, you are what makes this career FUN!  There is absolutely NO JUDGMENT…please see “Am I Normal Down There?” if you have any questions.)

So please, if you are considering a Brazilian for the first time, don’t let a fear of awkwardness deter you.  I promise we don’t remember what your vagina looks like.  😉


Photo courtesy of https://www.georgiaokeeffe.net/.

XOXO, Jess

“Am I normal…(down there)?”

“Am I normal…(down there)?”

My friend Ashley Beschell, owner of Boudoir by Beschell Photography and body-positivity activist extraordinaire, asked me to write a little something for her Facebook group.  She is exceptionally talented in the art of making women grasp the reality of their own sexiness through her art, and we bonded over the crazy similarities in our careers.  I wanted to share the little piece I wrote with y’all:

“Hey y’all! I’m Jess, and I own Southern Sugaring in downtown Savannah. Just look for the pink door! If you’re wondering what sugaring is, well, you’re not alone, but I can promise you, once you try sugaring, you won’t want to go back to waxing.

“By now you’ve probably gathered that it’s a form of hair removal, and true to its name, it is performed with a paste made from sugar. Maybe the *sweetest* form of hair removal, like, ever!  Not to mention it hurts less, lasts longer, and causes so much less irritation than waxing. Oh, and we also have luxurious swimwear and lingerie to decorate your freshly sugared skin.

“I hear the BEST stories doing what I do. For some reason, lying there spread eagle subjecting yourself to having those bane-of-your-existence hairs removed makes people an open book. I never imagined that giving Brazilians would be so much more effective than the playground, “Want to be friends?”, but so many of our clients have become my besties, and our conversations can range from hilarious to emotional to inspiring. These are my people.

“One such conversation I have too often: “Am I normal…down there?” It sounds funny on the surface, right? It’s not like we ever really compare labia. Stretch marks, cellulite, cesarean scars, hemorrhoids, ingrown hairs, butt acne…you name it, I see it every day. The process of recovering from an eating disorder gave me a lot of enthusiasm for women’s issues, and I spend a lot of time looking at vulvas. (Seriously, I do prefer to say hoo-ha, but for the sake of teaching my daughter what that stuff is ACTUALLY called, I am forcing myself to use the correct terminology. Did you know the vagina is just one part of the vulva? Educate yo-self.)

“Awkward anatomy lesson aside, guess what the answer is? YES. Yes, you are normal. And guess what the coolest part is? Every single person is different, which makes every single person the same. How’s that for irony?

“I think that’s the main reason I love what I do. Because let’s be honest – nobody says on career day that she wants to be a bikini waxer. Besides the obvious ways that sugaring makes a huge difference in people’s lives (no more razor burn and wax bumps, yay!), I get to fulfill my life’s purpose of being a voice that tells women they are enough. Did you hear that? YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. And by the way, not only are you enough, but you’re pretty damn perfect.”

Valentine’s Day…(Down South)

One of the necessary evils steps to prepping for the Valentine’s Day date is bikini grooming – namely, the Brazilian.  Anymore, taking care “down there” isn’t even a luxury – it’s essential.

That’s where Southern Sugaring comes in.  (The “Southern” in our name stands for way more than just being located in Savannah…think about it.)  😉  Our goal as a company is to make sure that not only do you receive the service you scheduled, but that you enjoy the experience.  Getting hair pulled out isn’t necessarily, well, relaxing, but we think it can be fun, and it should feel like a luxury.

Sugaring is the best, and we don’t just say that because we’re partial.  We speak from the experience of every client we serve.  The reason a Southern Sugaring Brazilian or nude bikini sugar feels like a luxury is because of skill, attention to detail, and mainly, THE RESULTS.

If you are considering surprising your significant other on Valentine’s night, come here.  If you’d like your sugar to surprise you with a sugar, give her the gift of sugar…in the form of a gift card inside a box of chocolate.  (Southern Sugaring is sweet, but candy is still a requirement for Valentine’s day gifts.)

I can promise that this is one gift that will make jaws drop…whether you’re giving or receiving.

Bikini Diagram

“Sugar” Plum Fairy – Holiday Gift Ideas

Naturally, I think sugaring makes the perfect gift for anyone – what’s better than gifting an experience you already love yourself?

Here are a few ideas for the sweetest people on your list:

1)  White Elephant Christmas – a gift certificate is definitely going to get your group scrambling to trade their bathroom golf set or cat sweater they just opened for something they will actually use, love, and laugh at!

2)  Your sister/cousin/b.f.f. who’s been scared to death to do anything DOWN THERE – make sure she tries it by treating her to her first bikini sugar.   Y’all will bond over how awesome it is.

3)  Your boss with the eyebrows…you don’t have to say a word or even write on the gift certificate what it’s for.  I’ll know exactly what to do when she shows up at my door.

4)  Your boyfriend/husband/brother-in-law with the eyebrows…or the “sweater vest”.  Shhh.  Let’s get that taken care of once and for all.

5)  A little gift card makes an awesome stocking stuffer – it’s the gift that gives beyond Christmas morning.

7)  Blow that special someone away by treating YOURSELF to a nude bikini sugar.  Yes, happy holidays, indeed.

8) Friends don’t let friends compete with Santa on the facial hair front.

9)  Friends do, however, compete with Santa on the gift-giving front.

10)  Merry Christmas to you!  No need to share – sometimes a gift is too good to give away.

Swing by or send me an email at jessica@southernsugaring.com to pick up the best present ever!

Winter is Coming

And no, I don’t mean in the Game of Thrones, White Walkers climbing the wall way.  (But seriously, who else is still holding out hope for Jon Snow’s survival?)


No, I’m actually talking about the situation in your pants.  And I get to because I’m the one you trust to handle it.  😉

Keeping up with your appointments is the best way to keep the pain low.  While sugaring really does hurt less than waxing, we are still pulling hair out by the root, which can definitely hurt.  Come that first spring Brazilian, clients who have been missing for a couple months always swear they will never again let the hair grow back to cave lady status.

As the weather cools down  As sweltering hot weather becomes pants-may-actually-be-tolerable-today weather, keep in mind that the more often that healthy root is removed, the smaller and weaker the hair gets, leaving you with less painful upkeep.


Even the naked ladies of Game of Thrones know the value of good consistent upkeep.  After all, sugaring has been around for hundreds of years, and clearly, the writers got the memo.  😉

Don’t be left in the cold.

Discounts are available depending on your personal upkeep schedule, ranging from every three weeks to every five weeks.