How bad does it hurt?

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I’m often asked by first-timers how painful Sugaring is. For those with waxing experience, it’s easiest to explain that it is less painful and lasts longer, but the discomfort level is different for everyone and varies depending on the body part and type of hair! I find underarms to be the most uncomfortable and brows to feel like a mini face massage. 
With sugaring, the hair is removed by the root and only dead skin cells are absorbed. This means the pain is as minimal as you can expect for effective hair removal. Your first appointment is the most uncomfortable, but the sting is gone almost instantly. It literally is only uncomfortable when the hair is being removed (and sometimes you won’t even feel it). Subsequent visits become much easier, and as you grow to know your Sugarista, you’ll feel like your Sugaring appointments are merely a chance to catch up with a friend.
Sugaring Hair Removal at Southern Sugaring
Your Sugarista will work with you to achieve the longest lasting results possible. They are trained to examine the roots of your hair to determine which phase of growth it is in. Hair removed during the anagen (growth) phase is the most effective and gives the longest lasting results. When your hair is in the telogen (resting) phase, it is preparing be replaced by a new hair. Your results won’t last quite as long, but your Sugarista will recommend a next appointment for when they believe your hair will be growing again. Not all of your hair will be on the same cycle, so it can take several Sugaring appointments to get the longest lasting results.
Southern Sugaring hair removal featuring hair in between the anagen & telogen phase of growth
This makes the winter months the perfect time to start Sugaring (or to keep up with your current routine). Shaving distorts the hair follicle and can undo all of the work you’ve put in, not to mention you will notice an increase in pain if you miss even just one appointment. (And trust me, I know!) If you’re just starting out, by the time we’re back to warmer weather, your hair will be on the same growth cycle, which means you’ll be able to come in less often! (Not that we don’t want to see you, but really the less we see you, the more effective your sugarings have become!) So do yourself a favor and get into a proper routine. You’re going to love the results, and we can’t wait to help you see just how life changing Sugaring can be! 

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