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WTH Even Is Dry Brushing?


And why you should add it to your regimen, like NOW!

When it comes to skincare, people unintentionally leave some areas of their bodies neglected. (Yes, I’m talking about down there!) If you’re a regular sugar client, we’ve already lectured you about maintenance below being a team effort. We sugar, extract some of the existing ingrowns, and push you to do better with your part.  Your part is to simply establish a routine of keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized. It’s not uncommon for new clients to feel a little clueless when asked if they exfoliate under the belt at all.

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“Exfoliate WHERE?”

Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Cell turnover slows drastically as we age, making our skin less tolerant to methods like shaving and waxing.  Removing old layers of skin that the hair can grow under creates a clear path for new growth. Without exfoliating, you WILL end up with annoying ingrown hairs! Uhhh, no thanks!

Dry brushing is without a doubt my favorite way to exfoliate downstairs! (And pretty much everywhere else but let’s stay on topic!) My favorite part is that it isn’t an extra product to keep up with. You brush your hair and your teeth, and this is even easier than that.


At Southern Sugaring, we use a brush created just for that sensitive skin.  The sisal bristles are exceptionally effective, but not too rough. Before your shower, or in the morning, or anytime your skin is dry, you brush upward toward your heart to stimulate circulation and healing as well.  To clean the brush you simply tap it on the sink or counter top, and every now and then spritz it with alcohol and let it air dry.

Besides removing those unwanted dead skin cells, dry brushing helps to flush toxins out and bring fresh oxygen into cells. It can even help reduce cellulite! We swear by it, because we get to see the benefits of a regular dry brushing routine on all kinds of different skin.

Dry brushing is an essential part of our homecare starter kit.  Get ready to be in love, and stay tuned for our next blog on the more persistent ingrowns.

XO, Tiffani (with an i)

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