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Why So 'Spensive, Sugar?


Once in a while, I get asked why our prices are a little higher, and I’d love to share our side of the concept of value.  In a world where there’s an Amazon, high prices kind of (understandably) blow our minds.

Something a lot of people don’t realize is how much training goes into sugaring.  As an esthetician or cosmetologist, getting your license means learning to wax.  That’s it for hair removal.  And for heaven’s sake, even if you do go with waxing, look for a license before you sit in that chair! INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU DEPILATE. (Lol, yeah I made that up!)

Seriously though, I hated sugaring when I first started.  It is hard!  And if you don’t make yourself keep working at it, you absolutely will not continue.  In comparison, waxing is easy.  That’s why it’s so widely available.  Sugaring requires additional education classes to even ORDER the products, and a commitment long past those classes to refine your technique, especially on tricky areas like Brazilians and brows (our specialties, btw).


You after walking out of that pink door.

The products we use are made in the United States by a company called Tamara’s Sugar.  Some sugaring salons make their own sugar paste, but we do not, primarily because of the liability of using products made in a home kitchen.  Our sugar comes from a factory committed to health and safety standards, and the integrity of the paste is always consistent.

Cleanliness is our top priority, and every standard is upheld when it comes to keeping you safe.  Blood, naked people, sharp tweezers, ingrown hairs…cross contamination is rampant in the industry.  We follow every protocol.  You never ever ever have to worry when you are at Southern Sugaring.

All that boring stuff aside, we really take a lot of pride in making sure that you never feel like you’re at the OBGYN.  Our rooms are gorgeous, comfortable, roomy, and bright.  Our receptionist is cheerful and wants to bring you champagne and help you try on bikinis.  Our sugaristas might be the best unofficial therapists ever.  And our downtown location transports you away from the mundane blehhh that can be life sometimes.  Everything is so set up for your convenience – it’s truly a luxury experience, and it’s about dang time hair removal got a makeover!  For real, try it!

Yeah, that’s Forrest Gump.  He sits in Chippewa Square…which we have a PERFECT view of.

Sugaring is all we do.  We believe really strongly in the benefits, and we’ve committed ourselves to being the best in Savannah at what we do.  As we grow, we’re able to offer our clients even better prices, and for that, we are so insanely grateful to YOU!

(Speaking of, have you checked out The Sugar Society?)

Cheers to y’all, and thank you for making us better!


XOXO, Jess

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