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Valentine's Day...(down south)


Valentine's Day...(down south)

One of the necessary evils steps to prepping for the Valentine's Day date is bikini grooming - namely, the Brazilian.  Anymore, taking care "down there" isn't even a luxury - it's essential.

Woman loving the confidence she gets from a Brazilian at Southern Sugaring.

That's where Southern Sugaring comes in.  (The "Southern" in our name stands for way more than just being located in Savannah...think about it.)  Our goal as a company is to make sure that not only do you receive the service you scheduled, but that you enjoy the experience.  Getting hair pulled out isn't necessarily, well, relaxing, but we think it can be fun, and it should feel like a luxury.

Sugaring is the best, and we don't just say that because we're partial.  We speak from the experience of every client we serve.  The reason a Southern Sugaring Brazilian or nude bikini sugar feels like a luxury is because of skill, attention to detail, and mainly, THE RESULTS.

If you are considering surprising your significant other on Valentine's night, come here.  If you'd like your sugar to surprise you with a sugar, give her the gift of the form of a gift card inside a box of chocolate.  (Southern Sugaring is sweet, but candy is still a requirement for Valentine's day gifts.)

We also have to mention our insane collection of Hanky Panky, as well as a 40% off sale on ALL of our Cosabella lingerie!

I can promise that this is one gift that will make jaws drop...whether you're giving or receiving.

XOXO, Jess

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