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Tater Tots...Continued


This week I totally made you wait for more tips…but I wanted to make sure you stayed with me.  I clearly have lots to say on the subject, and if you’re anything like me, I like my blogs quick…with pretty pictures!  😉

Trying to keep a strapless bra up when you have mosquito bites as boobs is nearly impossible. It’s going to slip down. It’s just inevitable. Sure you can just buy a strapless bra with a smaller band size but how uncomfortable is that?! Pasties and backless strapless sticky bras are my best friends! Easy fix if your nipples want to make a guest appearance, just slap them on and you’re all covered! LITERALLY!

Pasties are a NECESSITY under all white. Doesn’t Lauren look totally amazing in our sexy swim bodysuit?  Y’all, these girls at Sugar Solstice 2017 killed it!  I’m so excited for next year!

I tend to wear a lot open back tops, low back dresses, sleeveless rompers and such, so being able to go without a band is always a plus. They’re also a huge help when it comes to those odd cut tops that you wouldn’t want a bra strap peeking out of. The longest lasting pasties I’ve ever stumbled upon are called Top Hats by Commando. I can almost say that I live in mine. (Another goody offered here at Southern Sugaring!)


Even though I’m confident in the chest I was born with there are times that I’d like to at least LOOK like there’s something under my shirt! Low cut v-neck dresses or even similar tops can make small boobs look, well, small. When you’re trying to enhance your cleavage you automatically think push up bras are the way to go, but that’s not the case unless you’re ready to deal with inevitable cup gap. Some push up bras are so full of thick padding that the fullness of your chest looks too obviously artificial.

In my experience the best way to enhance cleavage is actually just a demi cup bra with no padding! They have tilted cups that push your boobs toward the center of your chest, so basically they push your boobs together instead of trying to push them up with a crazy amount of padding. You actually end up with a way more natural look!

Monae does anything but blend into the foliage in this demi bra at Sugar Solstice 2017.

I know that I’m not the only small chested women that has trouble finding the right bras for my body. Hopefully these few hacks are helpful for my fellow members of the IBTC! It’s not such a bad group to be a part of!

Love your boobies!  And book an appointment with me!

Love, Tiffani

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