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Tater Tots...And How To Dress Them


I’m going to be real honest with you, I take a lot of pride in being a part of the itty bitty titty committee. I absolutely LOVE having small boobs. I mean, why wouldn’t I? I don’t have extreme back pain from my Ying Yang twins weighing me down. I don’t have anything to get in my way when I’m bending over, boob sweat isn’t really much of an issue, and I can wear button down shirts without busting out of them!

TIffani Mills, Sugarista
I mean, how great is it that I didn’t even have to think about a bra in this dress?

I consider myself lucky for the most part. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy ride having little to nothing up top. One of the biggest struggles I’ve faced having small boobs is finding a bra that fits right. Let’s be real, the only ones that fit snug enough look like training bras, and we get picked on enough as it is about looking like a child because of our lack of cleavage. There are a few bra hacks that I’ve discovered over time!

My all time favorite solution to not being able to find a bra is just not wearing one. Period. Undeniably one of the best feelings! Unfortunately though, it’s not necessarily socially acceptable to walk around with your nipples poking through your clothes so I’ve had to find a few alternative solutions.

Our glam supermodel Savannah rocking the no-bra look at Sugar Solstice 2017.

Bralettes are an incredible AND sexy invention for small boobs. Since you don’t need a whole lot of support these babies usually do the trick. They’re comfortable and stylish. And there’s a wide variety of styles, whether you’re looking for risqué lace or just soft cotton. Lucky for me, I work in a boutique that offers lingerie along with many other essentials for us ladies. We’re always getting in new styles and brands that I’m able to try out. My current favorite is our Criss Cross Bralette by Naked Princess. I can’t even express how soft and comfortable this thing is. It’s made from luxurious soft stretch modal with a slight ruching between the bust and super cute criss-cross straps in the back. (It’s a MUST HAVE!)

And yeah, bralettes have come a looooooong way. Here’s Katherine modeling one of our Cosabella pretties at Sugar Solstice 2017.

Stay tuned for next week – I’ve got a couple more tips that will help you through the holiday season.  In the meantime, book an appointment with me and we can chat all about sugaring, lingerie, and swimwear!


Tiffani (with an I)  ❤

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