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Sugaring in the Winter Months


For many people winter time means taking a break from hair removal since their body won’t be exposed. I, on the other hand, am a firm believer that winter is a perfect time to start or continue sugaring! There are so many benefits to year round sugaring. Here are the top 3 reasons to start or continue your sugaring treatments:

Healthier Skin:

Not only does sugaring leave you hairless, it provides a nice, gentle exfoliation. When sugar paste is removed it picks up and removes dead skin cells leaving behind a fresh layer of soft and glowing skin! Exfoliating is an important step that should be included in everyones skin care routine. Exfoliating dry skin cells not only improves the skin tone, it makes the skin appear smoother and more refreshed as the cells are newer.

Reduced Hair Growth:

With each sugaring appointment you will notice less and less hair and the hair that is left will be much thinner and finer. Over time, frequent sugaring can cause the follicle to become damaged enough to stop growing hair in that follicle. Repeated sugaring can result in permanent hair loss. It’s important to try and keep up with your appointments because if you give your follicles a chance to recover you will not experience the same level of reduction. 

Less Pain:

The more you sugar, the less painful it will be! Your hair will continue to thin out with each appointment and less hair=less pain. Sugaring becomes relatively pain-free if you don’t stop for months at a time. Don’t ruin everything you’ve worked for! Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean it’s time for a sugaring break.

For those who already sugar, keep it up! Your skin will thank you. For those looking to start sugaring now it the perfect  time! It can sometimes take several sugaring appointments for your skin to completely adjust to the process and get rid of irritation from waxing or shaving.

XOXO, Kelsey



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