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Sugaring During Pregnancy


I get asked regularyly “Will it be safe to get sugared?" or a whispered "Can I get a Brazilian while I am pregnant?” Chances are as your belly grows it will become harder to see or even reach your lady parts, and there is a long list of things women who are pregnant can no longer do when it comes to salon and spa services.

Sugaring During Pregnancy at Southern Sugaring in Savannah

The answer is YES, although we do always suggest that you consult with your doctor. There is no evidence that sugaring hair removal is unsafe in anyway to the mother or her baby.  However, some women are more sensitive due to the significant amount of hormonal changes occurring in their bodies, not to mention the extra blood flow down there.

Body sugaring is a completely natural and safe way to remove the hair from the skin while expecting. It has a lot to do with the paste we use. Tamara’s Sugar Paste is:

  • 100% organic
  • Water soluble
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

We pride ourselves in using this high-quality, award winning product.

Sugaring Paste Hair Removal while Pregnant at Southern Sugaring in Savannah

Many women experience extra fast hair growth during their pregnancy. The elevation of hormones can cause the hair itself to grow longer, darker and even thicker. It can also cause you to grow hair in places you have never had it before. (Hello, face, stomach and nipples!) Women often feel self-conscious in our bodies already, so adding a little (or in some cases a lot) more body hair than we are accustomed to can cause some anxiety.

We absolutely encourage our guests to continue or even begin sugaring while pregnant. Give us a call - we’d love to chat with you more about it, and we can't wait to meet your sweet little sugar baby!

XOXO, Caitlin

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