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Am I Normal...(Down There)?


Savannah Morris at Sugar Solstice wearing Cosabella from Southern Sugaring at the Brice in Savannah

My friend Ashley Beschell, owner of Boudoir by Beschell Photography and body-positivity activist extraordinaire, asked me to write a little something for her Facebook group.  She is exceptionally talented in the art of making women grasp the reality of their own sexiness through her art, and we bonded over the crazy similarities in our careers.  I wanted to share the little piece I wrote with y’all:

“Hey y’all! I’m Jess, and I own Southern Sugaring in downtown Savannah. Just look for the pink door! If you’re wondering what sugaring is, well, you’re not alone, but I can promise you, once you try sugaring, you won’t want to go back to waxing.

“By now you’ve probably gathered that it’s a form of hair removal, and true to its name, it is performed with a paste made from sugar. Maybe the *sweetest* form of hair removal, like, ever!  Not to mention it hurts less, lasts longer, and causes so much less irritation than waxing. Oh, and we also have luxurious swimwear and lingerie to decorate your freshly sugared skin.

“I hear the BEST stories doing what I do. For some reason, lying there spread eagle subjecting yourself to having those bane-of-your-existence hairs removed makes people an open book. I never imagined that giving Brazilians would be so much more effective than the playground, “Want to be friends?”, but so many of our clients have become my besties, and our conversations can range from hilarious to emotional to inspiring. These are my people.

“One such conversation I have too often: “Am I normal…down there?” It sounds funny on the surface, right? It’s not like we ever really compare labia. Stretch marks, cellulite, cesarean scars, hemorrhoids, ingrown hairs, butt acne…you name it, I see it every day. The process of recovering from an eating disorder gave me a lot of enthusiasm for women’s issues, and I spend a lot of time looking at vulvas. (Seriously, I do prefer to say hoo-ha, but for the sake of teaching my daughter what that stuff is ACTUALLY called, I am forcing myself to use the correct terminology. Did you know the vagina is just one part of the vulva? Educate yo-self.)

“Awkward anatomy lesson aside, guess what the answer is? YES. Yes, you are normal. And guess what the coolest part is? Every single person is different, which makes every single person the same. How’s that for irony?

“I think that’s the main reason I love what I do. Because let’s be honest – nobody says on career day that she wants to be a bikini waxer. Besides the obvious ways that sugaring makes a huge difference in people’s lives (no more razor burn and wax bumps, yay!), I get to fulfill my life’s purpose of being a voice that tells women they are enough. Did you hear that? YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. And by the way, not only are you enough, but you’re pretty damn perfect.”

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