Isn’t it awkward? (Spoiler: I swear, it’s not!)

So by now I’m sure y’all have all seen the infamous picture a client of mine posted on her Snapchat story with her legs up in the air.  Just in case you haven’t, here it is again:


I mean, this girl has a super sense of humor, and oh my gosh, to give Brazilians for a living, I’d have to say all of our sugaristas do too!

It’s at this point during the service my new clients blush and ask if this ever gets weird for me, which always catches me off guard.  My answer is always the same:  The first time I did a Brazilian, I was like, oh #@*$, I’m actually going to have to do what I went to school to do.

Yeah, just a little bit of freaked out anxiousness.

But then, I survived, the client survived, and it turned out to not be the least bit awkward because I am a trained professional who gets the hair.

That’s kind of how we all see it.  (Not your private parts…the job!)  We see the hair, we get the hair.  Your downstairs doesn’t even register in our brains, much less our memories.  We don’t see you without your panties when we run into you at Pure Barre or the grocery store.


Photo by Izzy Hudgins Photography.

(Seriously, I’ve had clients ask me not to judge them at the grocery store!  Y’all, you are what makes this career FUN!  There is absolutely NO JUDGMENT…please see “Am I Normal Down There?” if you have any questions.)

So please, if you are considering a Brazilian for the first time, don’t let a fear of awkwardness deter you.  I promise we don’t remember what your vagina looks like.  😉


Photo courtesy of

XOXO, Jess

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