“Sugar” Plum Fairy – Holiday Gift Ideas

Naturally, I think sugaring makes the perfect gift for anyone – what’s better than gifting an experience you already love yourself?

Here are a few ideas for the sweetest people on your list:

1)  White Elephant Christmas – a gift certificate is definitely going to get your group scrambling to trade their bathroom golf set or cat sweater they just opened for something they will actually use, love, and laugh at!

2)  Your sister/cousin/b.f.f. who’s been scared to death to do anything DOWN THERE – make sure she tries it by treating her to her first bikini sugar.   Y’all will bond over how awesome it is.

3)  Your boss with the eyebrows…you don’t have to say a word or even write on the gift certificate what it’s for.  I’ll know exactly what to do when she shows up at my door.

4)  Your boyfriend/husband/brother-in-law with the eyebrows…or the “sweater vest”.  Shhh.  Let’s get that taken care of once and for all.

5)  A little gift card makes an awesome stocking stuffer – it’s the gift that gives beyond Christmas morning.

7)  Blow that special someone away by treating YOURSELF to a nude bikini sugar.  Yes, happy holidays, indeed.

8) Friends don’t let friends compete with Santa on the facial hair front.

9)  Friends do, however, compete with Santa on the gift-giving front.

10)  Merry Christmas to you!  No need to share – sometimes a gift is too good to give away.

Swing by or send me an email at jessica@southernsugaring.com to pick up the best present ever!

Give us some sugar!

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