Winter is Coming

And no, I don’t mean in the Game of Thrones, White Walkers climbing the wall way.  (But seriously, who else is still holding out hope for Jon Snow’s survival?)


No, I’m actually talking about the situation in your pants.  And I get to because I’m the one you trust to handle it.  😉

Keeping up with your appointments is the best way to keep the pain low.  While sugaring really does hurt less than waxing, we are still pulling hair out by the root, which can definitely hurt.  Come that first spring Brazilian, clients who have been missing for a couple months always swear they will never again let the hair grow back to cave lady status.

As the weather cools down  As sweltering hot weather becomes pants-may-actually-be-tolerable-today weather, keep in mind that the more often that healthy root is removed, the smaller and weaker the hair gets, leaving you with less painful upkeep.


Even the naked ladies of Game of Thrones know the value of good consistent upkeep.  After all, sugaring has been around for hundreds of years, and clearly, the writers got the memo.  😉

Don’t be left in the cold.

Discounts are available depending on your personal upkeep schedule, ranging from every three weeks to every five weeks.

Give us some sugar!

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