Stay Sweet

Sugaring-16The most written line in my yearbook, grade after grade, was “Stay sweet!”  I had no idea how far the sweet thing would go until I opened up a business centered around sugar.

I think the reason I love what I do (which, if you think about it, is a super weird thing to say you love), is just because of that – I get to meet wonderful people, get to know them a little too well, and give them an alternative to something we all know hurts like nobody’s business.  Granted, I’m still pulling people’s hair out by the root, but in a gentler, sweeter way.

My goal is to get you hair free, bump free, and ingrown free, and eventually, seeing me as little as possible.  (Of course you are always more than welcome to pop in for a visit, though!)  We work together to develop a home care routine, which all of my clients can tell you is just as important as the service itself, and we discuss the stages of hair growth as they apply to you personally, so over time, that hair grows back less and less.

Never just a “wham, bam, thank ya sugar!” here – there is a method to all of this, and since this is a collaboration between the two of us, I do my best to make sure you’ve got as much knowledge as I do so you get the prettiest results possible.

This is just one reason I only offer sugaring – I think it’s the best option out there for y’all, and I’m proud to take the best care of my clients I am able to!

Stay sweet!

Give us some sugar!

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